Stories and News

Group Actions on Real Cubings

Dr Ilya Kazachkov
Research Fellow 2011

Spatially resolved acoustic spectroscopy technology development project

Jethro Coulson
Industrial Fellow 2013

Enhanced Evaporation Module

Josh Brownlow
Industrial Design Student 2013

News – Mass extinction survival is more than just a numbers game

Dr Alex Dunhill and Professor Matthew Wills publish their findings.


Research Fellowships

Applications are closed

Research Fellowships in Science and Engineering are intended to give early-career scientists or engineers of exceptional promise an opportunity to conduct a research project of their own instigation.

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Industrial Fellowships

Applications are closed and will open in October

Intended to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry by supporting research leading to a patented product or process in conjunction with a PhD or EngD / Industrial Doctorate.

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Industrial Design Studentships

Applications are closed and will open in October

Intended to stimulate industrial design capability among Britain’s most able science and engineering graduates who are intending to make a career in British Industry.

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Built Environment Fellowship

Applications are closed. The next Built Environment Fellowship will be in 2017.

Did you know that design for cycling is highly regulated? The design rules that govern cycle routes in public highways are the same as those used for mass motorized transport.

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